Dear Residents:

     As we are sure you have realized, the J.P. Mascaro rates have increased significantly.  The previous garbage contract ended at the end of December 2021.  This past fall, Newton Township advertised for garbage bids and received interest in bidding from at least four different companies, however, the only company that submitted a bid was J.P. Mascaro.

     The rates have increased starting in January 2022 but will not increase for five years.  Beginning January 1, 2022, the rate is $149.52/quarterly plus tax, the senior rate is $97.19/quarterly plus tax.  Again, this rate will NOT increase over the term of the five-year contract. 

     Newton Township is a rural community which has homes that are spaced out significantly, therefore, this may be the reason companies did not submit a bid.  As with many businesses, J.P. Mascaro is having a hard time finding workers and are trying to keep to their schedule to the best of their ability.  They have experienced significant turnover of drivers as well as collectors.  With this constant change, training continues to be ongoing.  If you should find that your pick-up is not done on time, and there hasn’t been a holiday earlier in the week, or a storm, please contact the township office at (570) 587-1520 to let the secretary know.

     The township will post on Facebook as well as on our website every Thursday afternoon what the status of collection will be for Friday.


Newton Township Board of Supervisors